Michela Pandolfi


Photography is not a picture of reality. It is a real object. And I take pictures of pictures. Again and again.
This approach also takes the form of my photographic narrative, where there is always the theme of photography re-photographed: “Pereira’s Loneliness” which takes its inspiration from the novel by Antonio Tabucchi, is one of the projects on which I worked.

“Pereira’s Loneliness” is the story of an inner revolution, a transformation, a tension that develops during the narrative and culminates in a rebirth of the soul of the protagonist, the elderly journalist Pereira. To read this imaginative story means to proceed accompanied by a constant presence, the wife of Pereira, who died some time ago and which is embodied in a picture, and this picture, physically present or just mentioned, serves as a reference for Pereira throughout the unfolding of the story.