Michela Pandolfi


This project is to create a set of images, one inside the other in an almost concentric, that go to make a complete and composite.
The photographs are made one at a time, starting from a first central plane of a minimum portion of the subject. This image is printed on a 1:1 scale and superimposed over the subject, so that the photograph fits perfectly to it. Is then carried out a second image, which includes the first print, plus a larger portion of the subject. This will also be printed and re-applied to the subject instead of the previous one and so on, until the subject does not appear entirely in the frame, which will be the final image.
The project also aims layered installation where all the images of the same subject, from the smallest to the largest, are hung, coaxially aligned, on transparent, so as to overlap correctly when viewed only from the front position to match that used for create original images.
This project is composed by three set of images and so three installations.



Hypotesis for an exhibition