Michela Pandolfi


This series of ten pictures, taken from a project of Erwin Olaf, is part of a larger study on the reinterpretation of images, through which I am conducting a research on the concept of identity: of the author, of the place and of the photograph.
I seek to challenge the observer who will wonder, for example, who is the true author of the work, is it the original author or the one who has re-photographed and reworked the image.
The collaboration of two photographers leads to a break from the true concept of author, creating a coexistence in the same image of two personal projects and two different realities.
I am interested in exploring the subject of re-photographing an image whereby the image becomes an object in itself with its own reality which exists and can be photographed… a game of mirrors is created, an image with infinite depth, fictitious or real, a set of Russian Dolls, where the image comes back again and again.
I applied this “game” to the images of Olaf in order to magnify the enigmatic atmosphere that permeates them.